Recent Presentations

6. 29. 2016

Bulletproof CSS in React

By David Wells

CSS is notoriously troublesome to work with. It can get complicated quickly, and style clashes + inheritance problems start stacking up. Throw in running your CSS in a third party environment and you're gonna have a bad time. David Wells focuses on how you can eliminate these common CSS issues FOREVER, and will explore how this works with React-powered static site generator

4. 18. 2016

Developing with React: GatsbyJS

By Kyle Mathews

Kyle Mathews uses ReactJS to create the static site generator GatsbyJS.

4. 1. 2016

Middleman v4.0

By Thomas Reynolds

Thomas Reynolds presents his changes in Middleman 4.0 and thoughts on the modern web stack

1. 13. 2016

ZURB Foundation & Modern Static Web-tech

By Geoff Kimball

Geoff Kimball presents Foundation 6.

10. 26. 2015

Launching Jekyll 3.0

By Parker Moore

The worldwide launch of Jekyll 3.0 with Parker Moore, live from Wikia in SF

9. 29. 2015

Wordpress to Middleman

By James Stone

Lessons Learned, Switching from WordPress to Middleman, a Static Site Generator

5. 6. 2015

Dynamic To Static

By Mathias Biilmann

Matt Biilmann talks about how you get started if you are used to old dynamic systems such as Wordpress.


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